Application Services

Enterprises, by virtue of their sheer size and scale of operations, demand well-defined processes supported by robust applications. It becomes imperative to have a seamless integration of business and technology goals in order to derive a compelling ROI from their technology investments. Radiss’ portfolio of enterprise services enables businesses to adopt a holistic view of aligning technology goals with business requirements. Our services feature strong technology practices for diverse industry verticals and their business ecosystems. Backed by years of engagement experience with large-scale technology implementations, our teams enable streamlined processes, efficient workforce and improved customer satisfaction. Our consultative approach and customer-centric work ethic enables us to take a pragmatic view of customer expectations and market scenarios. Explore our Enterprise Services and learn more about the positive difference we can make to you and your customers

Application Services

Enhance your business capabilities by reaching markets faster with new offerings. Radiss’ Application Services offers full lifecycle capabilities from technology architecture, design, implementation and through to maintenance and support. Our competencies encompass complex business applications on Microsoft, Java, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel and Open Source technologies.

Outsourced Product Development

Breathe life into technology visions as we help you build bespoke software products that spawn innovation, scalability and lowered TCO. Our meticulously developed processes and delivery models are designed to support the product development lifecycle – right from conceptualization, design, development, sustenance, testing and through to maintenance and enhancement. Leverage our expertise and best practices for your enterprise.

Mobile Development

Rollout smart mobile applications and meet the needs of a generation that always wants to stay connected. Radiss brings the best in technology and communications to provide next generation mobile application development solutions that help enterprises join the booming mobile revolution. Competency areas include Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Web Design & Portal Development

Our web design and development services come with comprehensive functionality to offer users anywhere, anytime access to an enterprise’s business and services. Our experience comprises of multi-domain web portals that include B2B, B2C, e-commerce applications, SharePoint, social networks, content and knowledge management.

Application Services

The use of technology to drive business is no longer a debate. Every enterprise today views its technology investments as an enabler of competitive edge, be it for their offerings or in their geographies. However, as a businesses continue expand, their stakeholders also demand new and improved feature sets. The need to effectively manage and optimize business applications is imperative to success in the marketplace. Precisely why Application Management becomes critical. Leveraging extensive knowledge in application services and delivery capability, Radiss’ Application Services enhance delivery capabilities of technology investments. From technology architecture to design and development, our services enable enterprises to expand their breadth of services by imbibing business change into their technologies. We help enterprises with maximize ROI by modernizing their legacy applications, create flexible technology frameworks, and minimize cycle times and risks associated with business continuity and service delivery. Our service focus supports complex applications including Microsoft, Java, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel and a stack of Open Source technologies.

Custom development

Our engagement experience and deep domain expertise enables us develop customized applications that seamlessly integrate into an enterprise’s overall IT strategy. Furthermore, our SOA based approach ushers in enterprise transformation by way of business process modeling, virtualization, etc.

Maintenance and support

Radiss’ Maintenance and Support services enable enterprises to reduce the TCO on their application investments. Our highly optimized and mature onsite-offshore-offsite combination allows enterprises to continually reduce costs and instead can focus on their longer term visions and technology roadmaps.

Migration and reengineering

Address complex legacy system issues without exorbitant reinvestments. Radiss’ migration services provide a metrics-based framework to help you choose from different modernization processes – web enabling, re-hosting, componentization and re-engineering. Our experience with executing multiple large-scale migrations features platform migration, database migration and language migration.

Outsourced Product Development

Since no two enterprises pursue similar objectives, their technology requirements turn unique. With technology taking the centerpiece of overall business strategy, innovation is increasingly seen as a specialized practice helps create and sustain competitive edge. As a result, they demand technology products that are novel and usher in innovation to their businesses. Perhaps innovation today is the key to offer differentiated offerings. Every enterprise today is in search for a partner who can transform their ideas into innovative technology products. More so because product innovation comes with an inherent demand for flexibility to business change and accommodating to budgetary constraints. Leveraging years of software product development and technology expertise, Radiss helps to infuse life into product visions in line with business goals. Our Product Development practice features cutting-edge technologies to enable development of novel software products. Our meticulously developed processes and delivery models are designed to support the product development lifecycle – right from conceptualization to design, development through support, maintenance to enhancement. Radiss grooms an enviable team of developers and technology consultants who understand your needs and enable you to meet your business and technology objectives in a timely, cost-effective manner. We understand the requirement and deliver a solution that is tied to real-world business objectives. Our team has the in-depth knowledge of the industry standard architectures and best practices.

Product Development

Translate technology visions into business advantage with Radiss’ product development services. Our consultative approach and process driven methodology can helps enterprises usher in innovative practices. From product architecture and through to implementation and training, our services enable enterprises to deliver novelty and sustain competitive edge. Our product development services include product design and development, product reengineering, implementation and training and mobile enablement.

Product Testing & QA

Radiss’ dedicated offshore software product testing services enable enterprises to validate technologies in line with business requirements and ROI goals. Services encompass every aspect of product quality like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, functional testing, usability, security, compatibility and interoperability

Product Sustenance Engineering

Our sustenance engineering services helps enterprises to reduce the cost of ownership and maximize on ROI from existing technology products. Our teams work closely with business heads to determine their future needs and the roadmap for each product. Radiss’ product sustenance engineering services include product enhancement, performance optimization, change management and patch management.

Product Support and Maintenance

Radiss support and maintenance for products feature end-to-end capabilities to ensure business continuity and evolve with changing business scenarios. Services include feature enhancements and additions, version upgrades, end-user support, troubleshooting, performance monitoring and documentation.

Mobile Development

The proliferation of mobile devices has ushered in new opportunities for businesses. This also created a growing need to stay connected to business. Many enterprises today equip their workforce with smart phones to enhance productivity and derive efficiencies from their processes. In fact, mobile phones are today the new touch points that drive technology consumption and service delivery. Every research now predicts the mobile to be the new computing platform. Radiss brings in the best in technology and communications to provide next generation mobile application development solutions that help enterprises join the booming mobile revolution. We have extensive experience in designing low-cost, high performance application for various platforms and devices. Using high-quality Google Android application development services and platforms, we build dynamic application that suit today’s high-tech mobile devices. We use the best of the emulators, debugging tools and code to ensure consistent performance in the mobile applications we develop.

iPhone Apps

Our passionate team of developers have deep knowledge and rich experience in developing iPhone applications and widgets across industries such as entertainment, healthcare, business solutions, education/e-learning, online and gaming.

iPad Services

As the iPad continues to create newer opportunities, the applications that run on this gadget stand to be the most profitable. At Radiss, we apply innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in every step of the development process and develop iPad applications and widgets across entertainment, lifestyle, publishing, elearning, gaming industries.

Android Services

We develop third party applications for Android, the open operating system for cell phones and smart books that’s supported by over 30 major hardware and telecom companies. Our Android development services have the power to provide a better mobile experience. Our developers help you get the most out of Google Android SDK's APIs, handset emulator, sample code and debugging tools, to create high-end, risk-free Android apps across entertainment, gaming, utilities, pharma, security and automation industries.

Web Design and Portal Development

The web today is the new real estate where enterprises grow several information ecosystems directed at external and internal stakeholders. With its myriad stack of technologies, the web today is decisive to engaging stakeholders with right and relevant information. In fact, web technologies deliver multi-dimensional efficiencies in the form of brand engagement, information delivery, collaboration, etc. As a result, design and usability engineering have become key business functions for every enterprise. Radiss’ experience in web technologies enables enterprises to create web properties that spawn brand objectives and business goals. Our teams help businesses to achieve faster and effective web design and feature rich portals. Leveraging years of experience, technology expertise and the experienced resources, we custom develop websites of any complexity for companies across industries. Whether you are looking for portal design, development or maintenance, Radiss’ team can execute your website with flair of an artist and the finesse of a professional. Our experience comprises of multi-domain web portals that include B2B, B2C, e-commerce applications, SharePoint, social networks and communities, content distribution, and knowledge management.

Design and development

Give your customers the delight of rich websites/portals that spawn creativity and intelligent navigation. Radiss’ offers end-to-end capabilities in web technologies from front-end designing to back-end development and integration.

Usability engineering

Intelligent navigation and interfaces backed by rich functionality means improved engagement and returning customers. Our standards-based approach helps in recreating novel online experiences every time.

Corporate identity

Professional graphic design services from Radiss embraces the entire gamut of brand system including logo design, stationery, multimedia and flash presentations – all in tune and consistent with brand objectives.

Wire framing

Create visual prototypes of interface design and architecture of a website and asses the inter-relationships between pages. Our experts help create prototypes for static and interactive websites before executing design and development. Enterprises can benefit by of controlling the plan, implementation and rollout of new websites, intranets, microsites, etc.